Golf Clinic

Will be continuing our golf clinic for resident veterans at the VA White City Facility.

The venue has changed from Eagle Point Golf Course to the Oak Knoll Golf Course in Ashland, Oregon.

Good news we will be increasing the number of golf clinics from three to five this year.

The golf clinics will begin 3 April 2019 and complete 16 October 2019.

Thanks Patrick for providing the golf course and golf professionals for this year.

Page will be updated with information as the clinic progresses.

How exciting!

Golf Lessons Appreciation

A commemorative plaque was provided as a show of thanks to Patrick Oropallo, General Manager of Eagle Point Golf Club and Resort, for setting up and providing the golf lessons for our Veterans.

The plaque reads as follows:

Thank You for Supporting

Our Veterans for the 2018 Golf Season!

With the closure of The Veterans Memorial Golf Course, many veterans lost their resource for golf lessons.

Your series of golf lessons filled the need for twenty-four veterans. Not only did the veterans learn special golf skills, they also were made aware of the rules and etiquette of golf.

The veterans and the Veteran’s Golf Club of Southern Oregon are greatly appreciative and thankful for you stepping up to the plate and fulfilling a much needed program.

Thank you!

Tony Yanez

President, Veterans Golf Club of Southern Oregon

A commemorative plaque was also provided to the Colonial and Guy for assisting in the lessons. Their experience, skills and knowledge of the game of golf were essential to the success of the lessons.


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