Training II

Lesson II

Golf Lessons for Veterans – Pitching

Second day of lessons for our veterans from the VA Facility in White City.

Tent is setup waiting for the vets.    Eight veterans arrive and ready to go.



Patrick, Golf Club manager and Pro Instructor,     Patrick introduces himself to the vets and describes this week’s lesson on pitching. He also introduces Guy Hupe and 24 year PGA Pro who assisted with the lesson.



Patrick talked about the similarities between putting and pitching. He goes over the three main steps. See the pitch, feel the pitch and trust yourself. He then demonstrated the steps.

Pitching Demonstration

Patrick demonstrates the pitching motion. Including ball and body positioning as the Vets listen.



The Vets practice the pitch shot.



In The Net

Competition time. Who can pitch the ball into the net? Not surprisingly, over half the Vets made the pitch into the net.

The lesson ended with great enthusiasm and a successful class.

Next lesson scheduled for 18 July. Lesson will include lower clubs (PW, 9, 8, 7) on the driving range. The Vets stated they were ready.

Good day for all! Thanks Patrick and Guy for the lesson and Jonathan for bringing the Vets from the VET Facility and Don Coats for bringing the equipment.


See you next week!



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