Training I

Golf Lesson I 

First day of lessons for our veterans from the VA Facility in White City.

Tent is setup waiting for the vets.    Eight veterans arrive and ready to go.



Patrick, Golf Club manager and Pro Instructor,                                                                         Patrick introduces himself to the vets, give a rundown

Introducing himself to the vets.                                                                                                      about himself, the golf course and the lessons


Patrick talked about the sport of golf in relation to friendships, etiquette, and personal challenges. How the sport is directly tied into and needs the environment and nature to survive. Golf is a hugely popular sport that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Golf is often played competitively, but can also be played for relaxation and just to enjoy the outdoors. Unlike many sports, the course is not a standard or fixed size. Courses vary in length and design. This is one of the many aspects of golf that have made it so popular and interesting. Many people enjoy trying out and experiencing different courses. Courses can be very different depending on the local terrain.

First Lesson – Putting

Patrick identified the importance of putting in golf. Especially, to your score. He identified the three points of putting. 1) See the Put 2) Feel the Put 3) Trust yourself and commit to the put. The vets asked several questions which were welcomed and answered to their satisfaction.

Group breaks up into pairs and practice putting after Patrick pointed out and shown them the points of putting.

Putting stroke – level and straight

Patrick introduced a tool used by professionals to establish a smooth straight putting form. Recommend using it often to keep our form.

Putter between tees – Tiger Woods used this method to learn how to put since he was a kid.

Make Three Puts – Drill used by all the major colleges. Point is to make all three puts. Miss any and you start over again. Put until you made all three even if it takes all night.

First Lesson Complete – Afterwards, discussion on what was learned, felt and experienced. Everyone said they enjoyed the lesson and planned on coming back.

Thank You Patrick for the lesson. Looking forward to our lesson next week; Jonathan James for driving the veterans to the course, and Don Coates for bringing the golf equipment.

Report from:  Tony Yanez

President, Veterans Golf Club of Southern Oregon


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