2020 Board of Directors

Title Name
President Tony Yanez
Vice President Stan Watkins
Secretary Don Coates
Treasurer Chevell Magill
Tournament Director Howard Magill
Web Master Karen Murphy

New Board Members

At the 2020 Spring Membership Meeting Chavell Magill was elected as Club Treasurer to replace retired Treasurer Rich Muriset.

Rich has served as President, Vice President and Treasurer over the past several years and has been instrumental in the successful continuation of the Golf Club. He will stay with us as a member in good standing with our appreciation. Thank you, Rich, for your dedication to our club and veterans.

Chevell Magill has been instrumental to our tournament success by running the tournament check-in process and collection of tournament fees, etc. over the last three years, if not more.

Karen Murphy has graciously volunteered to update and maintain the Club’s website. Thank you, Karen!