2020 President’s Message

The 2019 golf season was a success story!

I want to thank all the sponsors, donors, members and friends who contributed to our success in so many ways. I also wish to thank all the area golf courses for their support.

Our membership is growing (+16) and becoming more diverse regarding veterans, non-veterans, women, men and age of participants. I believe we’re heading in a good direction for our future.

As I reminisce about the year, my heart was filled with happiness and gratitude for what we were able to accomplish and the donations distributed through our Outreach Program.

2020 Accomplishments: 


  • 9 Tournaments
  • 400+ participants
  • $1664.00Tournament prize purchases

Outreach Program: 

  • Donations = $5000.00
  • 4 Golf Clinics = 32+ participants, $799.00 golf attire
  • 15 sets of clubs – gifted

I’m excited about the upcoming year and looking forward to seeing you all on the Links!

Invite your friends!

Tony Yanez
club president