About Veterans Golf Club

The Veterans Golf Club of Southern Oregon is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping local veterans enrich their lives through the game of golf.

Our Goals

  • Provide resources and opportunities for all veterans to enjoy the game of golf.
  • Support local veteran and public charities and organizations through our Outreach Program

Our Philosophy

Mentally, golf is beneficial in several key areas: social interaction, exercise, to aid concentration, and to spend time in nature.

To a soldier returning from the trauma of war, we have found the game of Golf can be used as a therapeutic treatment modality to help patients restore, remediate, and rehabilitate to improve functioning and independence in life activities, as well as to help the patients integrate back into society.

Brief History

For over 10 years, members had been volunteering to operate and help maintain the Veteran Memorial Golf Course located at the Veterans Administration Facility in White City, The facility has been the main resource for residence and local veterans to enjoy the game of golf.

Volunteers decided to organize The Veterans Golf Club of Southern Oregon in October 2015

With the closure of the Veteran Memorial Golf Course, 1 November 2017, this valuable resource is no longer available. The golfing experience previously enjoyed by facility residents and local veterans now falls solely on the Veteran’s Golf Club of Southern Oregon.

We do not intend to let them down.

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