2019 News

From the President:

Last year was a very successful year. Our membership almost doubled. We initiated our Community Outreach Program. There were some changes to our leadership which will allow a more contiguous operation. Our tournaments were exciting and well organized – thank you Howard for a stellar performance. We cannot say enough about our sponsors and donations we received in 2018. We look forward to continue our relationship with our sponsors and donors. Who knows may get a few new ones.

A few of last year accomplishments:

  • Donated $1000.00 to the Ladies Are Veteran Organization
  • Donated $700.00 to a veteran requiring relief from fire damage
  • Paid for 100+ free rounds of golf for veterans
  • Donated 37+ sets of golf clubs & bags to veterans to keep
  • Provided golf lessons & clinic for thirty-six (36) Veteran patient

Our veterans and veteran organizations thank you for your support.

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C:\Users\Tony\Documents\VETERANS GOLC CLUB\2018 Golf Club\Lessons for Vets\Set of Lessons\Lesson 2 Pitching\InTheNet.jpg

Outreach Fund Raiser    Thank You! Golf Lessons

Looking forward to the 2019 Golf Season and supporting our local veteran organizations and individuals.

I send an open invitation everyone to enjoy our 2019 golf season and bring a friend along.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the links!

Tony Yanez

President, Veterans Golf Club of Southern Oregon


Veterans Golf Club of Southern Oregon

Winter Hours: 9am to 5pm

Summer Hours: 7am to 7pm


Our New Home:

Quail Point Golf Course

1200 Mira Mar Ave.

Medford, Oregon 97504